Why every human being needs to exercise properly ?

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 Why every human being needs to exercise properly

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Divine Pilates yoga believes firmly that every single human being needs to exercise properly .
As the years pass by , we age and bad habits lead the body to bad posture.
Due bad Posture, we suffer from strained back muscles,leading to poor circulation to the head, provoking dizziness , chronic fatigue , migraines ,chronic lower back pain , compression of the chest etc..
Our respiratory system gets affected , and the result is that the human body enter to a miserable state of living .
Then you lose the sense of being a human being …
Shallow breath and poor oxygen supply affects tremendously the internal organs.
Suddenly digestive problems among many other conditions occur
Because Yoga and Pilates puts the body in motion, circulation activates , so the respiration improves and the rest of the systems can work better.
At the top the proper movement, control and alignment that the body discover through Pilates and Yoga ,counter strain of our daily habitude postures and enhances overall muscle imbalances.
Divine Pilates Yoga , offers sequences to prevent future disease and to keep finding pleasure in the daily routines.
Thanks for reading , subscribe in our web site and start following our sequences once or twice a day !! ..
DPY Team !

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