Online Yoga Teacher Training – Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Online TT -200 hr program work?
The online TT program is very easy to follow. Receive 4 sub program lessons. Every sub lesson contains Methodology of Teaching, Energetic and Physical Anatomy, Philosophy of Yoga, cards of asana and a Video demonstrating the poses and modifications . Every 2 weeks receive new information. Find time to study every lesson and get ready to take test , at the end of the successful training you will have learn all the materials to start your new profession as Yoga instructor. At the time of purchasing, communication will be active with the organization.

What benefits will I get from online the program?

Studying online has the great benefit that you can study at your own rhythm form home and the cost of TT , reduces considerably.

All is good! There is a lot to learn but by the end of the program you will be able to organize well sequenced and balanced Yoga classes! You will know how to put together classes for different levels of students and also be able to name all the Asana (positions of Yoga) in Sanskrit. You will have learned the benefits of each specific Yoga Asana. Being a teacher opens a different perspective. You learn about personality and body shape, the grace and limitations of your students.


Can I participate in your program if I am brand new in yoga?

Yes, it would be better if you had some experience in Flow, especially in Vinyasa style, but it is not a requirement. Yoga meets you where you are and from there the experience starts. Yoga is for all of us without exemption. The only requirement that Divine Pilates Yoga ask, is the desire to learn and grow. When things are done with the heart they always fall to good results. Be assured, there will always be someone that need to learn from your knowledge & experience. Yoga is not limited to young people, strong and flexible. In this program you will learn modifications and variations of the Asana, so the effects and the benefits are available for all of those who practice and commit to effort.

Can you explain the Vinyasa style versus other styles of Yoga?

Vinyasa is a specific style that links movement with breath, In the relationship of inhalation and exhalation there exists a connection and with that we create the flow. Vinyasa flows from one Asana (Yoga position) to the next, .Precise alignment and endurance are inspired by other Yoga traditions such as Ashtanga & Iyengar .. Vinyasa is open to all levels, recognizing that the real teacher is in within each one of us. The benefits of Vinyasa Yoga are innumerable, promoting life, helping all systems of the body, strengthening bones, clearing the mind and permitting us to discover the inner divine joy in each of us. Vinyasa brings liberation and freedom of the spirit & intention .. You learn how to use the body to offer service and this turns out to be a constant and abundant blessing. There is a very special and bright light that penetrates you in each session, so you can elevate forever the higher state of the consciousness

What I should do after I finish the program and become certified?

When you finish the online program I suggest you to enroll with The North America Yoga Alliance and become registered as an International Yoga Instructor. Any studio of yoga in the country or abroad should employee you with this qualification. You can also open your own studio However you decide to enroll you or not with YA , you want to start teaching Yoga as soon as possible . Registration with YA will give you more confidence and as you teach, the experience will grow in you. Being committed to teaching Yoga others will allow you to prosper and find success and it will help you to keep your practice active.

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