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Divine Pilates Yoga is created to honor the divine part that exist in each human being. Let’s say our physical body is our temple . In our body  lives our  spirit. Our spirits  are  sacred , luminous, strong , and very capable ..Our bodies are like computers and are able to register everything that occurs in our life .

Each moment that passes in life stays registered.   Each movement ,each mental activity, each physical creation, including every judgment, every bad thought, each bad deed, criticism, dissatisfaction, complaint, guilt short temper , fustration , enjoyment , joy and pain  they are all registered in the body and  we are  all responsible for the results.

There is no end in the maintenance of healthy diet and exercise. The training is forever.

Without doubt, exercise is a must for human body .

Divine  Pilates yoga wants  to teach  you how to move the body properly with proper movements of Yoga and Pilates. Our programs have a duration of  10-15 minutes . Mastering programs, increasing alignment and flow, will open a new perspective, allowing  you to access to  a divine and sacred  space that resides within you .

The key is to stay centered in our spirituality and eliminate all negative energy from our center. The practice of Yoga and Pilates facilitates this action because it permits us to cast out the impurities and clear our blood.  In this manner neither emotions nor physical toxins can remain lodged in our beings. It is much easier to find our center and connect with the Universe – Yoga and Pilates  opens new perspectives.

With our programs, practice actively during 10-15 minutes a day and learn the art of moving the body properly.

We are living in a time where every human being needs to connect with the power of sacred spirit to learn how to develop divine will.

The time of transformation is here , a new concept of spirituality has arrived and it is the responsibility of every human being to awaken to the fact , the sacred is Divine .


Divine Pilates Yoga  Team!!

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