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Level: Beginner
Length: 7 min
Benefit: Body Movement Awareness

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Create Great Posture With Our Divine Pilates Yoga Videos

Our Divine Pilates Yoga Programs
Program Name Program
Free Trial Program
Benefit: Body movement awareness. Learn principles of alignment and movement
Beginner 7 min Buy > $3.99
Sunrise Prep
Benefit: Improve your posture and body awareness. Good for balance and memory skills.
Beginner 11 min Buy > $3.99
Sunrise Master
Benefit: Flexibility, flow and breath. Activates the nervous system.
Intermediate 12 min Buy > $4.99
Sunset Prep
Benefit: Balance – Strengthen abdominal muscles - create flow. Balance and coordination
Beginner 14 min Buy > $3.99
Sunset Master
Benefit: Open hips and strengthen back bends. Improve patience.
Intermediate 14 min Buy > $4.99
North Program
Benefit: Strengthen the legs and the upper back muscles.
Beginner 10 min Buy > $4.99
South Program
Benefit: Discover critical connections through the sequence of the South program. Reinforce the abdominal muscles and prepare to challenge the hamstrings while softening the rigidity of the shoulders.
Intermediate 14 min Buy > $4.99
West Program
Benefit: Develop evenly and tone leg’s muscles, Massage internal organs , Improve balance and relieve stiffness of shoulders.
Intermediate 10 min Buy > $4.99
East Program
Benefit: Strengthen abdominal muscles and organs- Tone the legs, reinforce the knee joints, improve balance and cures pack pains.
Intermediate 11 mins Buy > $4.99
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Become a Certified Yoga Instructor Through Our Online Yoga Teacher Program

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The teacher training course is for Vinyasa Flow TT-RYS and has been especially formatted for yoga students that want to:

  • Learn and teach Vinyasa flow style
  • Deepen their own practice
  • Expand into higher holistic quality of life

Course Completion Provides:

  • Yoga ALLIANCE required 200 hours RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher) Teacher Training for International Certification, good to work in USA and Abroad.
  • Certificate of Course Completion – 200 hours Vinyasa Yoga Certification


Before beginning any exercise program, it is your responsibility to discuss it with your doctor. If you think you have a medical emergency, call your doctor immediately. Except as expressly stated, does not endorse or recommend any specific tests, products, procedures, physicians, opinions, or other information that may be mentioned in video presentations and/or proprietary documents. Reliance on any information in presentations or documents is solely at your own risk.
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